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College Council

The College Council has three primary functions: planning, issue management, and communication.

The college planning function includes the college Educational Master Plan (EPM), thereby developing the college's Educational Strategic Plan, the EMP includes the Program Review annual needs prioritization, Technology Plan, Five Year Construction & Facilities Plan, Enrollment Management Plan, Basic Skills Plan, and Professional Development Plan. College Council reviews each of the plans and analyzes each for budget impact and provides recommendations to the President.

The issue management function takes place as campus issues are presented to the College Council and referred to the appropriate college committee for review, consideration, and recommendation to the President.

The communication function is served by the College Council as the central communication venue for college governance issues including budget, in that all constituent groups are represented and are responsible for reporting and disseminating of information to their appointing body.

*College Council is currently in the process of developing, reviewing, and approving the following documents:

 Working Draft of the Governance Handbook  (working draft)

 Program Review Needs Assessment Rankings 2014-2015  (work in progress)

 Facilities and Safety Project Prioritization for FY 15 (work in progress)

 One-Time Urgent Emerging Needs Fund Request Application (.pdf form)

The next College Council meeting will be held February 10, 2016 in the President's Conference Room (ADSS 207) at 1:00 p.m.

Unless otherwise noted, standing meetings are not held during the summer.