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Program Review

Program Review Committee

Sheri Lillard, Program Review Chair

Program Review 2012/2013

Program Review Committee Needs Assessment Report (November 13, 2012)

Program Review Committee Calendar 2012/2013 includes proposed Needs Assessment timeline and three year Program Efficacy rotation (revised 9/4/2012)

Program Review 2011/2012

Program Review Committee Calendar 2011/2012 includes efficacy timeline and list of programs completing efficacy in 2011/2012 (revised 9/9/11)

Agenda and Minutes 2011/2012

Program Efficacy Results Fall 2011

Fall Needs Assessment 2010 Short Report and Prioritization Lists
Spring Efficacy 2011 Short Report and Highlights


Program Review 2011/2012 - All Efficacy Documents

Program Review 2010/2011 - All Documents

Program Review 2009/2010 - All Documents 
(Needs Assessment not conducted in Fall 2009)