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Please print this page for your reference. It contains information on your class, your instructor, the course management system you will be using for the online class as well as information on how to access the class, and contact information if you need assistance.

Note: There may be multiple sections of this class taught online. Please be sure that you have the information for the class that you registered for. The section number, the reference number, and the name of the faculty members should be checked against the information in the printed schedule and on your registration material.

Term :
Spring 2014
Course Name :
English 101-75 (4020)
Course Title :
Freshman Composition
Class Notes :
  • Participation in this class will consist of online interaction. Students must have access to a computer that has a reliable internet connection. Students should access during the week prior to the semester start date. All information regarding this class, including course-specific technology requirements, will be found on that webpage. The course may not be accessible to students until the first day of the class, Monday, January 13, 2014.
Instructor :
J. Notarangelo
E-Mail Address :
Phone Number :
Instructor Comments :
Hello All:

To quote the illustrious Dr. Jack Jackson, a world-class philosophy professor (and mentor) at San Bernardino Valley College, "Welcome to the online world! We have much to do in a short amount of time."

I would love to have you in my class, but first let me tell you what I expect so that you will not be surprised. I know what follows may seem stringent, but it is important that the class work smoothly. I really like my students, and I am very much looking forward to working with you in this online class. However, I will not pass you unless you have exhibited the skills outlined in the syllabus. Please do not take my class if you think this is an online "pay and pass" class.

Here are the things I want you to seriously consider so we can have a successful semester:

TECHNOLOGY: In addition to a computer, I require the following:
a) Your inability to access the Internet will not excuse late assignments. (By the way, there is no excuse for a late assignment that will get it accepted. I do not accept nor give credit for late assignments.)

b) You must be able to convert all of your files to Word 97-2003 or to "yourfilename.rtf" before posting it for any due date. (These files will be the only ones for which an assignment will get credit.) Oh, and it must be readable in the format you choose.

c) You have video capacity for conferencing if I should ask for it. I will place this information in the syllabus, so you have about a week to make it work successfully. The software usually costs less than $20, but making it work is up to you.

d) You contact me only through the campus email address assigned to you upon enrollment. (Call 909/384-HELP if you need help with email issues.)

e) You understand Blackboard or are ready to assume responsibility for learning how to use it as the class progresses.

f) You understand that technology issues do not excuse incomplete or late assignments. (For instance, Blackboard does not accept file name with the "#" sign.)

HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH ME: I get about 75-100 emails a day. Once again, use your San Bernardino Valley College address to communicate with me. I look at those. I assume everything else I don't recognize is junk mail.
Additionally, I run my class by answering only campus emails. If you don't know what your campus email address is, how to check it, or how to forward it to the email you usually check, contact 909/384-HELP for information on how to deal with this.

I don't keep wait lists for classes, nor do I add people to an online class before the semester starts. However, if you still haven't found a class by Wednesday of the first week of the semester (I drop students who haven't responded to the first assignment at that time), and if I have space, I will add you.

PURCHASING BOOKS: Your class website may not be available online before the first day of the semester, so you might consider waiting for information on the particular textbooks for the class. However, if you are so excited that you can't possibly wait to get your textbooks, feel free to purchase them at the SBVC Bookstore. Whatever is listed under my name and class will most likely be the texts that I use. Otherwise, please don't email me about which texts I am going to use for a class without:

a) being in the class,

b) not telling me which class and section you are already registered for, and

c) not checking with the bookstore first. By the way, yes, we do read a novel. It just might not be at the bookstore. :)

NOTE ON WORKLOAD FOR SUMMER CLASSES (If you are registered for a Fall or Spring Semester class, skip this): Before you enroll in any summer English class at Valley College, please remember that the instructor is required to compress a full 18-week schedule into 6 weeks. Since the scheduled ratio of class time to homework time is two hours of homework for every hour of class, that means you will be expected to be able to complete 12 hours of "in-class" time plus 24 hours of homework per week. That means the instructor may assign 36 hours per week of work. Think about this before you enroll.

I look forward to "seeing you" in class!

Primary Course Management System

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Note: Make sure to bookmark the login page of your course management system. This will allow you to access your online course faster.